Zev glock 17

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Customer Reviews. Very Pleased with Zev and Optics Planet! I have purchased three or four other products from Optics Planet. They carry quality goods! This is my first Zev Technologies purchase. I would highly recommend them! Related Reviews. Compare 0.

Remove All.Before we get into the details of the best aftermarket Glock barrels, we would like to pose this question:. Well, in this review, we have some of the answers and reasons to that one. We will also provide reviews on a range of the best aftermarket Glock barrels that make such a replacement more than worthwhile. And to finish off, there will also be some considerations to take into account before you make this all-important purchase.

Since then have gone from strength to strength. It is fairly obvious that their overall build continues to serve countless shooters with quality and reliability. It does seem that this is a pistol that shooters either love or hate.

For Glock aficionados, there is no doubt their weapon offers excellent reliability, durability, and ease of shooting. It is also true that due to their popularity, Glocks can now be modified in a whole host of ways. This is where Glock aftermarket accessories really do come to the fore.

The barrel being a very valid point in case. While factory supplied barrels certainly supplement the design and use of original Glock models, there are a number of reasons that lead to owners wanting to replace the barrels. This must be seen as the major reason for Glock owners to consider an alternative aftermarket barrel. Glock owners who are looking for greater accuracy will benefit from swapping a standard Glock barrel out.

zev glock 17

Replacing it with a best match-grade aftermarket Glock barrel and using premium ammunition will result in greater shooting accuracy. While we feel this is a secondary reason for swapping out an original Glock barrel, it certainly should be noted. Glock is not alone in using polygonal rifling for their barrels. Having said this, they are the only manufacturer that advises against shooting lead bullets with their barrels.

Glock states that shooting lead bullets with their barrels could eventually cause a lead build-up. They state that any such build-up could potentially cause safety issues. Regular care, cleaning, and maintenance of your Glock will surely alert you to any barrel issues. If you need more information on this, please check out our best gun cleaning kits review. But, by the letter of the Glock recommendation, this can be a factor for Glock owners seeking an aftermarket barrel.

Glock owners who are looking to put a suppressor or compensator on their pistol will want a threaded barrel. While standard Glock threaded barrels are available, they are nowhere near as easy to find as aftermarket barrels. They also give options in terms of fluting, dimples, and finish. An original Glock barrel should be good for between 40, rounds.

That is a whole lot of shooting! But, two categories of Glock owners who choose this as a reason for replacing their original barrel are:.

You may not always wish to take the sellers word for the number of rounds fired. Having said this, it does take an awful lot of shooting to wear out a factory Glock barrel. The best customized aftermarket Glock barrels out there will certainly solve that problem.

How about a gold tone TiN coated barrel? Or one that is threaded, fluted, and dimpled with super-cool logos as a bonus? The choice is yours.Eligible for. The ZEV Citadel slide features front and rear angled side serrations for a positive grip, as well as channels on the top of the slide to reduce glare.

No matter your slide grip location preference during manipulation, press checks, or malfunction clearing drills, the angled serrations keep your hand from slipping off the slide by naturally moving your hand downward and on to the slide when pulling back, whether wearing gloves or not.

They are manufactured in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility from a single billet of stainless steel to tighter tolerances than factory slides for increased consistency in barrel lockup which improves accuracy.

All ZEV slides have our patented optic cut which features posts allowing for more thread area keeping your optic securely mounted to your slide. ZEV slides weigh less than factory slides, therefore reduce reciprocating weight, which reduces fatigue and allows for faster shot follow-up placement. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. You can learn more about the cookies we use and why we use them by viewing our Privacy Policy.

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See Details. One Time Offers have limited quantities available and usually once they are sold out, they are not offered again. Made in USA. Notify Me. Add to Wish List. Features Machined from Stainless steel billet Lowered ejection port to aid in ejection of brass Match grade, precision milled tolerances that are tighter than factory Improved accuracy and grouping performance upon installation DLC or PVD coatings offered have a Rockwell hardness rating above that of factory coatings RMR adapter plate included.

Was the information on this page helpful? Yes No.Alignment allows for a co-witness of sights with RMR dot. Slide includes mounting screws. Blue loc-tite recommended for installation. Slide Kit contains the slide, cover plate with screws, RMR gasket, RMR mounting screws, firing pin assembly, firing pin safety block and spring, extractor, extractor depressor plunger, depressor plunger spring, spring loaded bearing, cover plate, and sight set.

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Important Information! Would you like to be alerted when the item becomes available again? Quantity: Email:. Thank you for contacting our Chat Team! Please visit us again. Send Transcript Close.Eligible for. The Zev Technologies PRO magwell is slightly flared at the base to be wider than the stock opening, which is ideal for quickly inserting the magazine in the pistol during reloads helping build proper muscle memory for improved consistency and reload time.

The addition of a magwell will also help keep the users hand in place while shooting. The light weight aluminum construction will not effect the balance of your Glock handgun. Installation is simple with the provided allen wrench, no gunsmithing required.

Best Aftermarket Glock Barrels

Faster reloads 1-Piece design Easy installation Durable finish. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. You can learn more about the cookies we use and why we use them by viewing our Privacy Policy. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies. You last purchased this product on.

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Update Your Browser Now! Own this product? Product Reviews are not compatible with your browser.Polymer striker fired guns had been done before, but never succeeded like the Glock.

Since then the Glock has gone on to become an insanely popular handgun. Part of that popularity is modularity.

zev glock 17

Glock pistols in general have three different frame sizes, the standard, the larger, and the single stack. For example, the Glock 26 and Glock 17 are the same standard frame. There are differences in overall size, but they can accept the same magazines and the same internals. This makes it very easy to find upgradeable parts for any Glock. Today, we are looking and talking about the most popular Glock upgrade out there, the trigger.

The compatibility we mentioned is important, because you have to be selective about your trigger, and ensure it fits your Glock frame. Get Deals on Guns and Tactical Gear. The Glock trigger was quite interesting when it was introduced. A small piece of plastic blocks the trigger from being pulled unless its engaged by your finger.

Other than that, they are incredibly simple. The Glock trigger works like this.

ZEV Technologies PRO Magwell Glock 17, 22, 24, 31, 34, 35, 37 Aluminum Black

When the trigger is pressed by the user the trigger safety is disengaged. The trigger bar then presses the fire pin safety upwards. This trigger is also fully cocking the striker. The trigger then reaches the disconnector. Once the trigger bar reaches the disconnector it drops slightly. The disconnector releases the striker as it drops. The striker then springs forward and causes the weapon to fire. This entire process affects how the trigger feels, how heavy it is, how gritty it is, etc.

Each piece does its think, but one piece that affects trigger pull more than any other is the disconnector. The disconnector makes the biggest difference because it creates so much tension. There is nothing inherently wrong with the Glock trigger. The Glock pistol has a ton of potential though and it can be improved upon greatly.

The stock Glock trigger is exactly what you should expect from a mass-produced polymer pistol. The problem with the Glock trigger is the lack of refinement. The trigger is very mushy, it feels like plastic rubbing on plastic.Example: "name": "Price" names optional Array Names for each of the new fields generated. Basically, a Flatline expresion can easily be translated to its json-like variant and vice versa by just changing parentheses to brackets, symbols to quoted strings, and adding commas to separate each sub-expression.

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Zev tech ultimate trigger kit problems 3.2

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zev glock 17

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