Xiaomi airdots connection problem

The Apple AirPods brought a true wireless headsets experience to the market and quickly became popular. But do you know how much the new AirPods cost? But for those who are not obsessed with everything the Cupertino-based company comes in with, they are overpriced.

Never mind! As you should know, it enables a more stable Bluetooth connection. The problem of single-ear disconnection that frequently occurs in the Bluetooth 4. It is extremely lightweight, weighing only 4. It also comes with a beveled ear design, which not only provides a firm wearing but also isolates noise.

In the light shape, it also maintains an excellent endurance, playing music for up to 4 hours in both ears. When taken out from the charging box, the headset will automatically boot, and automatically connected to the previously connected device. In contrast, it will automatically shut down and charge when put back into the box. There are touch panels on both sides of the earphone, which is used to pause of playing, answer and reject the calls, etc.

As you can guess, there is a trick.

xiaomi airdots connection problem

With its help, you can realize various operations on your smartphone being far from it. Your email address will not be published. Don't have an account?

xiaomi airdots connection problem

Suzie K. She does her best to be a great Mom and balance work and family. Related Articles. Nov 14, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Check Also Close. Close Log In.If the above is correct, put the earphone into the charging box to check whether it is charging normally. For Gearbest customers: If you've purchased Xiaomi Redmi AirDots wireless Bluetooth earbuds from us and still have problem after reading the post, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Just fill in the ticket with your questions at our Support Center and send it to us. We will do our best to deal with your problem as soon as possible.

We are always happy to help. Bilikay T2-C Mini 2. Teclast P10HD Magicsee N6 Plus Android 9. Mi Band 2 Troubleshoot Easily fix 9 Bluetooth pairing issues. Prev article: How to fix Xiaomi Mi Airdots youth version charging issues?

Xiaomi Bluetooth Headset AirDots Youth Edition at $29.99 [Coupon]

Next article: How to disable write protection from a USB flash drive? Xiaomi Redmi AirDots are maybe one of the cheapest true wireless Bluetooth headphones in the market. Now the AirDots are becoming the best sellers on our gearbest shopping site. Hope it helps! Can Redmi AirDots connect two mobile phones at the same time? No, the Redmi AirDots can't connect two phones at the same time.

Is Redmi AirDots waterproof? The earbuds is IPX4 waterproof and the charging box is not waterproof. Can I adjust the volume with Redmi AirDots? The earbuds itself cannot adjust the volume and needs to be adjusted by the phone. Whether the Redmi AirDots is a two-channel earbuds?

Can I control music through Redmi AirDots call and other functions 10 meters away from the phone? Yes, Redmi AirDots can be connected up to 10 meters in a barrier-free environment, but no further than 10 meters. How to check the battery level of Redmi AirDots? It supports viewing the earbuds's power on iPhone and Android phones once connected, and only shows the main earbuds's power.When it comes to wireless headsets, the emblazoned voices immediately come to mind Apple AirPodswhose quality and design are undeniable.

During Black Friday, the AirDots have depopulated just because they were offered at the ridiculous price they are sold in China and at the moment it becomes difficult to find them but maybe some of you managed to grab them and maybe have already received them. Well that you are among the lucky owners or you are still waiting for them, know that you may have some difficulty using the two earphones at the same time.

Yeah, just like that, you could run into this problem but fortunately on the net are already available guides that solve the problem in a defined way and then we propose again so that you can enjoy your new Xiaomi AirDots at the same time. In practice the problem concerns the operation in stereo, since it could be verified the loss of pairing between the two wireless headphones and the smartphonedue to prolonged use of a single driver or when one of the two earphones is completely discharged.

But don't worry, let's see right away how to solve the problem of pairing Xiaomi AirDots, in just a few simple steps. You have finished, and then you can finally enjoy the stereo mode as the Xiaomi AirDots will be perfectly synchronized. Nerd, Geek, Netizen, terms that do not belong to me.

Simply myself, technology lover and provocative as Xiaomi does with his products. High quality at fair prices, a real provocation for the other most famous brands. We will use your email address to create an account on our site.

Selamat siang, saya ingin sedikit bercerita ya Saya baru punya Airdots Redmi, pertama kali saya buka kotak kemasannya saya hanya mendapat produk airdot, lapisan karet 2 pasang dan buku kecil panduan yg berbahasa china ya kalo gak salah.

Saya bingung kenapa sama sekali tidak ada bahasa lain paling tidak bahasa Inggris lah. Akhirnya saya coba operasikan dg mengkonfigurasikan dg hp saya dan dg sangat mudah saya bisa memakainya. Tolong dong Bom dia, pessoal. Thanks for listening. Try desparear and dpois parear novamente. Qdo aconteceu comigo foi o que eu fiz, Exclui os dispositivos from bluetooth list and dpois reconecta como da primeira vez. No los recomiendo para nada.

Comprei um Redmi Air Dots and or lado esquerdo do fone que se conecta automatically com o direito fica desconectando toda hora when I move. Me ajudem!!

Redmi AirDots does not sync? See how to solve problem in Xiaomi phone

Estou com o mesmo problem citado pela Anna. Saludos amigo. Tentei de tudo. I think the only major flaw of the AirDots is precisely this problem of non-functioning in stereo headphones.

The guide works, but unfortunately does not solve the problem definitively. In case, after following all the steps, you continue to use only one headset for a few minutes, rather than both and then holding the other in the casethe headphones will lose their connection in stereo again and the other will not work.

The smartphone will continue to recognize two separate and separate headphones: one left and the other right. For the rest I did not notice other big problems. Like us! Emanuele Iafulla 28 September Just like any electronic devices, it also has some problems.

From my experience using it, there are 2 recurring problems:. There is only one way to solve this problem, which is to reset the Airdots to default state. By doing a reset, the earphones will be back again to its original state like a brand new out of the box.

After you know how to resolve the problem, you might wondering: is that a way to prevent the problem in the future? Hope this tutorial is useful for you. Thanks for reading! Toggle navigation Junian. Tech Blog Projects About. This problem makes the bluetooth audio output only on right side. So, what can we do to solve them? The solution is reset There is only one way to solve this problem, which is to reset the Airdots to default state.

Here is the step that always work for me. Take out both earphones from charging case. The earphones will try to make connection. The left piece will try to pair to the right piece. The right piece will try to pair to the phone. Press and hold both earphones until you see the red light. This will take around 5 seconds. Keep pressing both earphones. Now you wait until you see the white light. This will take around 15 seconds. Again, keep pressing both earphones.

Wait until you see fast red-white blinking twice. Once you see both earphones flashing a fast red-white light twice, put it back in charging case and close it. Wait for seconds. Take out both earphones from charging case again. This time the left piece will be paired to the right pair correctly.

The right piece will flash a white color every seconds.

Xiaomi Redmi AirDots wireless Bluetooth earbuds FAQ

That means the Airdots is ready to be paired with your phone again. Open your Android phone.

xiaomi airdots connection problem

Select bluetooth settings and start pairing the Airdots. The Airdots should be connected to your phone successfully now. Enjoy the earphones! I also make a video so you can see what I do to reset the Airdots. See comments.Hi MIUI-ers!

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots Hard Reset and pairing

In this thread I would like to share solution and problem that I encounter yesterday for the Redmi Airdots. I'm sure there is some user who unable to connect both L and R side earbuds even though already connect the R side first. This is mainly because of the earbuds wrongly connected and cause a mess up whenever want to reconnect between phone and the Redmi Airdots.

Here are the steps to reset your Redmi Airdots in case you encounter the connection issue. Take out both earbuds from the charging box and turn it off long press of the both's button until it appear red light and let go 2.

Long press the both button in the same time until you see red white light blinked twice. For the second red white light it will be blinked after few second of long press. After blinked twice you can let go of the long press. Now put the both earbuds back to the charger box.

In your phone, go to bluetooth paired list and remove the paired devices Redmi Airdots R and also Redmi Airdots L if you had paired L side before 5. Take out the both earbuds and connect again with your phone. Many of you who just bought the Redmi Airdots ask why cannot connect both side.

Here is 2 main reason. User connect the Redmi Airdots L first. Messed up connection which need a manual reset like 5 step above. If manual reset still cannot solve the problem, then there is faulty on the Redmi Airdots itself. Send it to the local supplier on where you bought it for fix. If you want to connect both side of earbuds, you must connect Redmi Airdots R first. If you have any question, feel free to reply in this thread.

Thank you. Reserved post. Helpful Thread! Thanks for sharing with us! Informative thread for us. It worked! Thanks a lot! Much help me fix this thread thz so much. Hi, I did the same steps to do a hard reset. However, the left earbud seems not functioning which I just purchased less than a month The left earbud is not able to pair up or to reset.

When put in the charging box, the red light indicator did appear, but when taken out to do a hard reset, there is no reaction to it. Please kindly help. Well reserved the post. Thank u team poster. I have problem with my mi true wireless earbuds basic. The R side is not responsive whether i press the button for a long time.App Review Team. Judging from its looks and given features, the Mi Earbuds provide a really good first impression. TWS technology, It is connected with the main headphone through a smartphone or other devices, and then the main headphone would connect with the slave speaker via a Bluetooth wireless connection, to achieve true wireless Bluetooth for left and right channels separated of Bluetooth headphones.

The program based on CSR Bluetooth4. When not connected to the headphones, the main headphones stereo back monomers. It is no delay and good sound quality. It is designed to provide customers with stable performance characteristics of high-end Bluetooth loudspeaker programs. It needs 2 pcs Bluetooth modules with TWS function to realize it as below. For TWS headphone, beside it is not wire connection, and the left and right earphone are independent individuals.

When two separate headphones near each other, they can match automatically and shift to double channel stereo, which could give you high-quality sound. On the other hand, true wireless headphones need not a line to charge, normally, they could directly charge on its built-in high capacity lithium battery box can. You would not worry about the signal problem when using TWS headphones, because there's a meter range of the signal. No matter what you do, driving or running, you can just leave your phone and go, which also means you could share music with others.

They are made out of plastic and have soft rubber covers on the edges making them comfortable and a perfect fit. Weighing just slightly over 4 grams and they do not feel bulky at all during normal daily usage. The AirDots come with a touchpad to control the earbuds.

There are an LED indicator and two contact charge points. The charging dock is white and made out of plastic. The case allows us to charge the Mi AirDots and while also serving as a power bank. The extra pair of silicone ear tips is useful, especially for those having ears of different size or simply having different wear preferences.

The extra options enable the user to have a comfortable and a perfect fit. Hence they feel more comfortable, but sometimes outside sound can be heard while listening to low volume audio.

It comes with 7. Xiaomi Mi AirDot review. Hence the sound quality of the AirDots is pretty decent without losing any high and low frequencies.

Microphone CheckHaving a quality microphone is also essential as we do not always use earbuds for just entertainment. Answering calls or simply chatting with anyone through the AirDots provide a nice hands-free experience. In such cases, the high-quality microphone is quite essential to have a clear and precise conversation.By Linky Johnson After that, only the right earphone will blink — this means that the Xiaomi Mi AirDots are available for pairing with your device.

Thus the device is connected to the right earphone and that already connects the left. The method of connection is similar, but we hold the touchpad of one necessary earphone.

To disconnect and reset the Xiaomi Mi AirDots, hold the touch pad for a few seconds until the red lights are illuminated. If you remove the earphone from the ear while using it, the playback does not stop as in AirPods. They are switched off only when they are in the case and are connected back to the device when not in the Briefcase.

If you remove only the left earphone in the case, it turns off and the right one continues to work. And if you remove the right-both are disconnected. A similar problem faced by most owners of Xiaomi Mi AirDots airdots.

The reason for this is that the left earphone "loses" right. Then clamp both Xiaomi Mi AirDots secfirst they turn on white indicatorthen, after seconds, they glow a red-white indicator and blink two times, continue to hold until they blink a couple of times and fade for a few seconds, Then a few more times flicker, then the settings will reset and then remove the case.

Everything is ready, remove them in the case, get both, left earphone will start to look for the right earphone, synchronized with him, then you can connect to the phone. Yes, Xiaomi Mi AirDots can work individually. If the left flashes fast then it looks for the right earphone.

If the blinking is slow, it is ready to connect. In the Xiaomi airdots the main earphone is the right. Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro vs. Mi AirDots: are the new true wireless earbuds worth an upgrade? Xiaomi Roborock T6 vs Mijia 1S robot vacuum cleaner: which is better for you?

Due to the attractive price and good quality, Xiaomi AirDots headphones attracted a lot of attention and created considerable excitement. They have been waiting for a long time not only fans of Xiaomi, but also adherents of Apple products-and suddenly got better than AirPods?

In this tutorial, we'll look at their functions in detail.

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