Someone rang my doorbell at 3am

Recently some new people have moved into my neighborhood a few doors up from my house. I believe this person who rang my doorbell was one of these people but I don't know as I couldn't see too good through the peephole.

I ask who is it but could not understand what he polish online market didn't open my door but told him not to ring my doorbell at 5 in the morning.

What idiot would go to someone's house at 5 AM unannounced? I'm thinking maybe a "crack addict" but could be wrong. However there's no excuse for this. Should I call downtown and talk to a detective or should I try to find out who it was on my own? I am 64 yrs old disabled and live alone so I'm concerned that there may be drugs have moved in a house close to me and trouble is brewing.

This has been a quiet uneventful neighborhood until recently but now I see teens walking the street as well as strange cars come and go and now ringing my doorbell before daybreak?

10 Things To Do When A Stranger Knocks On Your Door

Yes I'm concerned so what do you think I should do? Yes I have no trespassing signs up. I think it's going a bit far to assume that just because someone rings your doorbell at 5am they are a crack addict, or on drugs at all. Yes, it is very early for someone to be calling, but maybe it was an emergency - you just don't know, and this is where your fears are stemming from. Teenagers walking the streets doesn't mean they are doing drugs - if they're not doing anything unruly then what is there to worry about?

And strange cars? Are you trying to say that only cars that are familiar to you should be allowed to roam through your neighbourhood? I think you should contact the police, explain that you are a vulnerable individual and that you are concerned. It is unlikely the police will do much after just one report, so it's best that you just have it documented in case anything happens in future.

someone rang my doorbell at 3am

If you didn't report it the police would assume that you weren't THAT concerned in the first place, and would therefore take your second report less seriously. You must make sure you say that you are frightened - again that's a key word that the police have to take into account and it makes the world of difference.

Personally, I don't think you have much to worry about, but if it makes you feel better give them a call. You have an active imagination associating drugs with the facts you have provided, perhaps your neighbour has lots of friends. Certainly be a good neighbour and citizen and keep an eye open for criminal acts but as of now there is no evidence of that so talking to a detective will be a waste of your time and their time.

I would definately alert the police of the situation, it will make them aware that someone is out roaming the neighborhood at 5 AM. You did the right thing by not opening the door, and I would not try to find out who it is on your own, it could be dangerous.

At 5am it must be: - a booty call - a chum who desires to stash away some weed - a chum who desires get admission to on your stash of weed.Uploaded: Tue, Aug 27,am. When a Palo Alto woman went to answer a knock at her front door late in the morning of Aug. Shortly afterward, she made eye contact with the man through a window as he walked into her back yard.

The man immediately fled, police stated. Palo Alto police said the incident is an example of a recurring type of residential crime: burglars who ring front door bells, posing as a solicitor or visitor, to see of anyone is home. Once they determine the house is empty, they go to the relative privacy of the house's yard, usually by way of an unlocked side gate, to find a way to break in, police stated.

Police this week are warning residents about such incidents, encouraging them to lock side gates and all doors and windows whenever their house is empty. If an unknown visitor rings the doorbell, police say, residents should speak through the door or find another way to acknowledge that someone is home.

The woman in the Aug. During the search, police said that a passerby pointed out two men on skateboards who appeared to be looking into houses. Less than 20 minutes after the initial call, police say, they detained two men on skateboards at Edgewood Drive and Newell Road. When other officers checked nearby residences, they found a house on the block of Newell Road ransacked and burglarized.

The burglars had apparently entered through an unsecured back door, according to police. The two detained men had stolen property from the burglary -- a laptop, jewelry, passports and birth certificates. Detectives believe that Pinedo-Escalante is also responsible for another robbery on Channing Avenue, during which a handgun and jewelry were taken.

Although I understand the concern about making sure would-be burglars know someone is home, I've read from time to time about cases where a criminal rings or knocks in order to determine whether there is a MAN at home -- and if a woman answers and doesn't indicate that her husband or boyfriend is there with her, the attacker knows he can probably break in and do his dirty work without fear of being overpowered.

Not exactly the M. It is essential that anyone not open a door these days unless they are certain of the identity of the person outside. I've been thinking about taking a photo of anyone I don't know who knocks on my door. I'd imagine that if they had any ill intentions, they'd at least move on to another neighborhood. If a neighbor was burglarized that night, I'd have the photo.

someone rang my doorbell at 3am

To Rich: I've said the same thing, i. When someone knocks at my door, I just peek out the peephole, and if someone's there that I don't know, I don't say anything, and I don't open my door. I live in a third-floor apartment, though, with only one entrance the front door, and with all the windows facing a three-story drop to the ground, so I guess that's different from living in a home with many points of entry.

This seems like a good idea, but I would rather have a doorbell that makes the sound of a barking dog. Web Link. We had a burglary nearby that appears to have been perpetrated this way. Make sure that if you see solicitors or people going door to door in the neighborhood, call the police immediately with their location and direction of travel.

Let them cruise by and check those people out. I'm sure most of them are harmless, but a few of them are definitely burglars.Anyone who is ringing your doorbell or knocking on your door late at night or early morning hours is very likely up to no good. In fact their intentions may be very bad. One person at the door claiming to need some assistance while others are off to the side waiting for the door to open so they can burst in.

NOTE: Elderly are particularly vulnerable.

What should I do when a stranger rings my doorbell at 5am?

Sadly for some, dementia may be setting in, and potential poor judgement. Elderly may also be more vulnerable to opening the door. Perhaps gullible. Nearly everyone today has a cell phone. If they truly need assistance, they could have called for example.

If that person or persons actually need help, then they should be relieved at those words. However I suspect It happens to some of you, sometimes regularly depending on the neighborhood. That is, you hear an unexpected knock on your front door. NOT the best idea without doing other things first. Some people blindly open the door to see who it is or what they want. Wireless easy-install Doorbell Intercom potential amzn commission at no extra cost to you.

It lets you see, hear and speak to visitors from your phone, tablet and PC. It also works with Alexa not required. You can see who is at the door, and it will deter a potential burglar who will also see it there! You might simply ignore the knock and continue to go about your normal activities inside the home. However, be aware that if there actually is a burglar on the other side, this may be what they are hoping for no one at home and break in….Is someone trying to contact me?

I sometimes get woken up in the early hours of the morning by either the phone ringing, or the doorbell ringing. If I check the phone or go to the door there is no one there. When my adult children lived with me I sometimes was woken by hearing them call me "Mum". I would go to each of their rooms to find them sound asleep and when I asked about it in the morning, they said they hadn't called me. Heya and welcome to UM :D.

Your mind is playing tricks on you, people who have experienced this, have had a bad childhood, or was current going through a rough time. Do you feel trapped, free less, stressed, depressed, sleepless, do you yearn like something interesting is going to happen around the corner. Something could be bothering you, and your mind releases it with a bit of paranormality. Other people releases it in different ways, such as gym, yoga etc etc, seek doctor advice Ferfinds.

There's plenty of different views on hypnagogic sounds, from mundane hallucinations to outright Clairaudience. Whether one chooses to a spiritual, biological or psychological source or not doesn't take away the fact that the experiences exist.

Plenty of people experience this daily, myself included, so IMO it's got nothing to do with bad childhood or trauma of any kind.

someone rang my doorbell at 3am

Doorbells and Phones does suggest some kind of contact is being sought. Good to know I am not alone with this experience. This has been going on for well over 15 years. It started off with "Mum" and then when the children left home the phone.

Someone Rang my doorbell at 3 AM? I'm very scared!?

The doorbell made me smile as formerly it was only the phone. I had a doorbell installed and a few months afterwards I heard that one - the exact tune I had it set to play. Sort of thing happens to everyone. Just the mind playing tricks on you. Mine is snapping awake to the sound of my mother calling my name in that sharp, wake-up-time-to-go-to-school tone, but it's not her. Nothing mystical, she yet lives. The question of whether hypnagogic images or sounds or sensations are tricks of the mind or not isn't what is being discussed here.

Besides which, one can't deny it's existence or it's close association with the borders of wakefulness and dreams, altered states.Don, your experience is very real, specially to a person who is experiencing it. This date and this week being special to you, is significant. After 4 years I still find myself doubting at times, than I look at the alternative and wonderokey. Because, I am intelligent, humanly educated, carry on the responsibilities of what is needed to live and care for my kids.

But, never think negative, tell yourself " I like to surround myself, partner and my home with the white light of the holy spirit" and just allow Obviously, you are a sensitive person, not because of your this experience but from reading all your writings, who else can write so warmly, kindly, compassionate. You are perfect and don't ever forget that I look foward to hearing of your experiences. Mary Ann - sometimes I really struggle to not think I'm crazy. One good friend told me that I need to take "crazy" out of my vocabulary and while I've done that more, sometimes I have a hard time believing things.

What you say makes sense and I appreciate you sharing it. Anonymous - at one time I might have believed that I just simply dreamt it as you say but I know that isn't the case.

There is a difference between dreaming and having something actually happen. They aren't the same thing. This morning I was awoken by my doorbell ringing and I know it really rang because my dogs started barking. Not thinking I went straight to the door and opened it because I was expecting my son to be home from his father's house and no one was there.

When I went back to the bedroom I noticed the time on the clock. This is not the first time this has happened to me either. In the past 6 months it has happen several times. I have had some medical issues but the last time a death took place in my family my sister's had experience phantom doorbell both my grandmothers had passed away within 3 months of each other that is why this is upsetting to me.

Me and my sister have not spoken in 5 years but there is something wrong with my mother. I have heard the voice of her mother in my dreams but dont know if it is her trying to reach me. It really helps me realize that I'm not the only one that hears things like this.The digitized chime approximates the booming gong that might sound in an old horror movie at the moment the innocent girl dashes into the haunted mansion in the middle of a terrible storm after her car runs out of gas. Which is to say the sound can be pretty spooky under the best of circumstances, and hearing it so late at night sent a chill down my spine.

The U. I crept to my bedroom window, which overlooks the street, being careful to leave the light off as I peeked through the curtain.

In the darkness, I saw a strange man in a white baseball hat looking up at me. I shrank back in terror, wondering whether he had seen me. A moment later, I seemed to have gotten my answer: The bell rang again.

I need to talk! Many wonderful people populate my neighborhood in deep Brooklyn, but they are largely family types, and none are in the habit of coming by for a chat, especially not unannounced late at night. The mysterious visitor also could not have been my incredibly sweet landlord, who would have tried my cellphone if he needed to reach me. I had taken the place under duress. The lease on my old apartment was up, and I had no other options.

My main concern was the area. Could I really live in a neighborhood full of liquor stores and dollar shops? The streets seemed peaceful enough when I walked around to check out the environs. I saw people with friendly faces sitting on the stoops, window boxes filled with flowers, cheerful-looking children riding bikes through the local park.

But would I feel O. And I had. Maybe a little too safe, because as I grew more comfortable in the neighborhood, I did all sorts of irresponsible things. I strolled home way past midnight on weekends.

Woman Screams for Her Life on Doorbell Camera Footage

I wore low-cut tops and short skirts. Sometimes I even ran from the shower to my bedroom with no clothes on. Granted, the curtains were usually closed, but not always.I staggered out of bed, my eyes half closed, fumbling in the dark for my glasses. I banged my foot against three enormous piles of laundry, a reminder to myself to do a major wash in the morning. I was naked, with nothing clean to wear to bed. I live on the first floor of an eight-story apartment building in Queens, and except for the infrequent rumblings of the early morning delivery truck to the Red Apple supermarket, this time of night usually cloaks the neighborhood in a sleepy black silence.

It must have been a dream. I turned around, backtracked my steps, and slid back into the bed, covering myself with the warmth of the comforter. Quiet returned, but only for a moment. I heard a sound more ominous than the doorbell. It was the jingle-jangle twisting of the front doorknob! I jumped up and ran to the front door. There was not doubt anymore.

Someone was on the other side, trying to turn the knob. What the hell was going on? The door was locked, and there was no sound of any key being used. Was it my mother, returning home early from Florida? Did she need my help? I should have called the police. The best approach was to remain quiet, giving no sign that I was hiding in the darkness. Was I afraid? But I was more confused at my failure to understand.

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