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The story of Kern began inwhen Jakob Kern opened a workshop in Aarau, Switzerland, for the production of mathematical, levelling and field measuring instruments. Under the direction of Heinrich Kern, the grandson of Jakob Kern, the company continued to manufacture an increasing range of surveying instruments.

AG opened in The heavy demand for fine optics brought on by the first World War led to the construction of new factory buildings. The Kern plant was enlarged again in to fill orders from all over the world. In collaboration with the Paillard-Bolex plant, Kern-Paillard began the manufacture of motion picture lenses. InKern lenses were the first motion picture lenses manufactured with an anti-reflective coating, as well as the first to include an automatic depth of field scale.

The iris diaphragm featured accurate click stops, while the diaphragm blades provided a wider spacing at small apertures. Research and improvements in optical engineering required from the demands of World War II resulted in the line of Kern Switar and Yvar lenses. The association with Paillard allowed a line of quality lenses to be supplied for Bolex cameras following the war.

Listed below are the Kern-Paillard lenses that were introduced during the s. Switar Yvar It was available in both fixed focus and focus mount versions; the fixed focus lens is pictured here.

Although the thread diameter is identical to a normal D-mount lens Production of this lens seems to have continued into the s, even with the introduction of the Visifocus lenses. This lens had no depth of field scale. D Mount Lenses for 8mm Cameras Switar InKern-Paillard introduced a new line of lenses with a unique depth of field scale, termed "Visifocus".

The Visifocus system consisted of a curved scale, indicated by a series of orange colored dots that appeared or disappeared when the diaphragm scale was stopped up or down. The dots provided a visual reference of the depth of field for different focus settings at each f-stop. Further innovations were made in with the introduction of the Bolex H Reflex camera. Although the H Reflex used a standard C mount, the reflex prism located behind the lens and in front of the film plane affected the optical correction of lenses of 50mm focal lengths and shorter.

Kern-Paillard introduced a line of "RX" mount lenses which were optically corrected for the Reflex camera. During the s, Paillard adopted product codes for accessories and lenses. These were used to identify items for sales, repair and service purposes and seems to have been done away with by the early 60s. For the sake of historical reference, I've listed them below. Many of the same lenses were available in both standard listed as "St.

Apart from the letters "RX" appearing on some, they were otherwise identical in appearance. Switar 5. Pizar 5. Both were fixed focus lenses and were identical in appearance. Switar Yvar Yvar Filtin Filters could be selected by turning a knurled index ring. Four "no filter" positions were marked between each filter position. It came with a detachable lens hood. It used a standard "compass-style" depth of field scale. A RX mount version was available infor H reflex cameras. It was only available in standard C mount, and priced the lowest among standard focal length lenses.

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It came with a detachable lens shade.Call or send us an email today! Our staff will respond as soon as possible.

kern lenses

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Yet, the sun can be just as damaging upon our eyes with unprotected exposure. Short-term exposure to very bright sunlight can result in a type An eye condition affecting roughly 50 percent of individuals who need glasses, hyperopia commonly called farsightedness is characterized by difficulty focusing on nearby objects while being able to see objects at a distance properly.

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This is called visual acuity. This measurement offers a way to compare the quality of your vision to a professional standard. Using this tool helps your eye care provider to accurately gauge whether you need corrective With advances in eyeglass technology, there are several lens coating options to choose During the normal aging process, components of your eyes change in shape and flexibility.

This frequently corresponds to vision changes that may make it difficult to see close objects. Although not all adults experience these changes, many find that they need reading glasses as they get older. The human visual system is a complex network including the eye, ocular nerves, and key brain areas that process visual information.

Under most circumstances, we use information from both eyes to create a single visual image. This ability to converge information from both eyes is called binocular vision.

Working with issues in kern-paillard YVAR 1:2.5 f=75mm for Bolex 16mm C-mount

Glare and halos are both eye symptoms that some people experience around bright lights. Halos show up as bright circles around a light source.

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Glare is light that interferes with your vision, making it difficult to see or sometimes making your eyes water. These symptoms can show up at any time of theAlso works on Beaulieu Super 8 Cameras.

Kern Switar 5. Does not change Super 16 use of the 10mm.

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If you own the older style 10mm Switar non-preset lens and want the wide- angle. Look down at the Century 6mm it will work on the earlier 10mm with the appropriate adapter. Black Anodized Finish. Requires One of the Adapters below. Does not change the Super 16 use of the 10mm lenses. Still in original case along with factory laboratory test sheet. Limited Stock. Standard C-Mount. CN Limited Stock. JP Limited quantity available. More Inf o. CH Limited Stock.

Remote Control Cable, SR 1. This lens is outstanding for its big focal length ratio 10 times. Catalog Ultimate Swiss Precision. That are 85mm Front Thread.

You can now drop-in Series IX 9 Filters. ZPX 1. For Regular 8mm Bolex L8 Camera. CH Ultimate Swiss Precision. Kern Multi-Coated Zoom Lenses with 6. Only new one left that we are aware of. NEW NEW SR 1. Terms of Purchase. Replacement Case for Switar 5. Century 38mm Adapter ring only for New Pre-set 10mm Switar to. Lens Accessories and Adapters New. Order Form.Which microscope is the right one to use in typical biological, metallurgical applications, typical polarisation or stereo microscope applications.

Practical checklist which you can use to quickly find the right microscope by using filters for the relevant objectives, magnifications, field of view, grinding for the lenses and much more. KERN Glossary. Extended search. Dear business partners, the good news is that we are maintaining our business operations in full for you. Nevertheless, due to the current developments around Corona COVIDwe are immediately taking the necessary safety measures to protect the health of everyone.

This may cause slight delays in our usual fast order processing. We thank you for your understanding.

kern lenses

Stay healthy. Shopping basket 0 Items. Direct ordering. Sie haben JavaScript deaktiviert. Unsere Seite funktioniert aber nur mit JavaScript! Minimise window. Optical Instruments. Minimize window. Are you not yet sure exactly which microscope or refractometer you need? These Checklists will help you! Transmitted light microscopes. Metallurgical microscopes. Polarising microscopes. Stereo microscope. Stereo microscope sets.Alpa is a precision Swiss watchmaker combined forces with Kern who was famous for making optical glass at the time to produce this legendary lens.

The Kern Switar 50mm F1. The Kern Macro Switar 50mm F1. Alpa is known as the precision watchmaker thus no surprise that the Alpa Kern Switar 50mm lenses were extremely well engineered. The build quality is excellent and on par with well-known cinematic lens makers such as Angenieux or Schneider at the time.

The Kern Switar 50mm lenses were hand assembled and finished in either chrome, black paint or combination of both. Image quality from the Alpa Kern Switar 50mm lenses are exceptional and the lens excels at macro photography. Images produced are extremely sharp with high contrast and vivid colour saturations. Alpa claimed that this is an apochromatically corrected lens of unequalled quality, which is found to be true in most situations.

The Kern Macro Switar 50mm Lenses have close focusing capability when used with liveview for macro photography. The details retained by this lens is incredible with extreme sharpness and pleasant rendering, which is an amazing achievement on modern rangefinders.

kern lenses

Unlike Modern lens design, when the aperture ring is turned that the yellow dots appeared indicating the visifocus depth-of-field scale for the selected aperture stops.

The focus ring has an extremely long throw and takes several turns to reach the minimum focusing distance of 28cm equivalents to 1. Modern photography technological aids such as live-view or high resolution electronic viewfinder, which allows to maximise the ability of the Kern Macro Switar 50mm Lenses to reach its full potential for macro photography. The Diaphragm blades also have been moved forward in position. The improved lens design resulted better optical performance for the newer Kern Switar 50mm F1.

The finish of the adapters are mostly in either Chrome or Black and most adapters are Rangefinder Coupled. However, during actual use might require manual calibration to work perfectly on Rangefinders. I will rank the adapter brands from most to the least expensive:. Build Quality Alpa is known as the precision watchmaker thus no surprise that the Alpa Kern Switar 50mm lenses were extremely well engineered.

Image Quality. Practical Use Unlike Modern lens design, when the aperture ring is turned that the yellow dots appeared indicating the visifocus depth-of-field scale for the selected aperture stops.

Alpa Kern Macro Switar 50mm F1. Lens Versions. I will rank the adapter brands from most to the least expensive: Shogun Metabones Kipon.As an optician in Gulfport, our primary eye care service includes a complete eye exam that analyzes eye health and vision function.

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kern lenses

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