Hstr p1 teams

Teams provides a rich set of tools to implement any governance capabilities your organization might require. This article guides IT pros to ask the right questions to determine their requirements for governance, and how to meet them. Watch the following session to learn about more about Governance in Microsoft Teams: Governance, management and lifecycle in Microsoft Teams. Your organization might require that you implement strict controls on how teams are named and classified, whether guests can be added as team members, and who can create teams.

To help you plan ahead, learn more about setting these policies and what licenses they require. For additional information, navigate to and expand Why control who creates Microsoft Groups. For technical guidance on how to implement these settings, see:. Azure Active Directory cmdlets for configuring group settings. Enforce a naming policy for Microsoft groups in Azure Active Directory. Microsoft Groups naming policy.

Use sensitivity labels to protect content in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft groups, and SharePoint sites. End of lifecycle options for groups, teams, and Yammer. Your organization might have additional requirements for setting policies for expiration, retention, and archiving teams and teams data channel messages and channel files. Note that teams that are archived continue to have the expiration policy applied and may be deleted unless excluded or renewed. Group expiration is an Azure AD Premium feature.

For this feature to be available, your tenant must have a subscription to Azure AD Premium and licenses for the administrator who configures the settings and the members of the affected groups. Set up Microsoft groups expiration.

List of Teams by Phase (STR)

Archive or restore a team. Consistently managing members of project based, or restricted groups are necessary for teams that require rapid onboarding and offboarding or users and guests. Your organization may also need to make sure all current members have the business justification to be in a team.

The best way to manage group membership that allows users to get access when needed but ensure the group doesn't have a risk of inappropriate access is through two district processes: entitlement management and access reviews.

Entitlement management allows you to delegate to someone, such as a project manager, to collect all the resources that are needed, including teams memberships, into a single package. They can also define who can make requests: either users in your tenant or from other connected organizations.It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Home Discussions Best Of New player?

Check out the new player index. June 14, PM. I have been looking and I cannot find an up to date list of proven teams to use for each phase. Does anyone know where I can find one? Must not have looked hard. I've seen those, but there has to be more than one team per phase. P1 literally RJT. Proven and only one used. P2 maybe thrawn and troopers so there's 4 I've listed.

Literally chex mix. With nihilus nightsisters. Only traya, whatever is left in the tank. Sooo there's 8 teams. Plus whatever you have left. Not going to cut it for Heroic though.

The most detailed guide, I have seen. June 15, AM. Good luck, and happy farming :—. NS can be used in P3 as well, but best used at the very end of P3 so they can knock off a bit of trayas health and then move into P4 without any protection so they can start hammering away at Nihilus immediately As well as start with extra tm.

FO can also be used in P2. June 22, AM.With 47 million health in the heroic tier, you are going to have to work hand in hand with your guildmates to take him down, while he relentlessly annihilates you.

What makes the specificity of phase 1 is that Nihilus ignores your protection when he attacks. Protection being ignored means that you can die very fast, especially on the heroic tier where the damage is quite high.

hstr p1 teams

Her leadership ability allows using special abilities most of the time if a Resistance ally uses a special ability and if they have no debuffs on them, their cooldowns are reduced by 1, allowing them to get their specials back up more often. BB-8 is here because of the ton of buffs he provides to the team. He can also call assists if you have a zeta on his first unique. Resistance Trooper and Scavenger Rey are here to deal damage.

This team has no healer, but between health steal and foresights, they can sustain the damage Nihilus deals to them. Resistance with Visas also works very well when everyone is max gear, but full Resistance has a higher damage ceiling.

The idea is to hit Nihilus with Yoda as much as possible he deals the highest damage by calling him to assist with Ezra, Hermit Yoda, and Qui-Gon Jinn. Visas will assist and heal up the damage that the Jedi are taking.

Since the rework of raid Nihilus he used to reduce his cooldowns when stealing buffs with his basic ability, but now he lost that abilityyou will be able to go very far into enrage with your Jedi team, which makes it a very high damage ceiling on the same level as the Resistance team. In the Tier 5, with good but not great mod stats for Wiggs, can do NEXT: Phase 2.P1 to P2 Revan cross-overs are desirable and capable of significant damage totals.

However, it is recommended that new guilds save Revan for P3 or the end of P2. Guilds that do not have a lot of Revan teams should save them for P3 or the end of P2. However, do not focus on developing those teams specifically for HSTR.

hstr p1 teams

Focus on the Primary Teams. Therefore these teams should be used in an emergency or after all other teams have been used. Do not focus on developing those teams specifically for HSTR.

SWGoH 1v1 RELICS Tournament!! - Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

These teams include Chex Mix and Greedo Mix. Instead focus on Revan and Deathstorm. However it is difficult to run and can take a couple of hours to setup and use. This team is only recommended if your guild does not have other options to complete the raid. Guilds should consider these only if they are really struggling in P3. Start at the end of P1 for maximum damage. If you do not have Revan use Bastila. In some cases you may be able to get in 1 extra attack.

Chose your best team. Phase 3 moves more slowly than other phases, you may be able to attack again. Cross overs from P3 to P4 are desirable. You may still have time to run this team. Depending upon the guild, it may take too long to get this team setup properly. Otherwise use them in P2 or P4. Save Revans for P3 or for an emergency in P2.

For maximum damage use Revan to cross over from P1-P2. In new guilds: use extra JTR in P2.Data loss prevention capabilities were recently added to Microsoft Teams chat and channel messages for users licensed for Office Advanced Compliance, which is available as a standalone option and is included in Office E5 and Microsoft E5 Compliance.

Recently, data loss prevention DLP capabilities were extended to include Microsoft Teams chat and channel messages, including private channel messages. If your organization has DLP, you can now define policies that prevent people from sharing sensitive information in a Microsoft Teams channel or chat session.

Here are some examples of how this protection works:. Example 1: Protecting sensitive information in messages. Suppose that someone attempts to share sensitive information in a Teams chat or channel with guests external users. If you have a DLP policy defined to prevent this, messages with sensitive information that are sent to external users are deleted. This happens automatically, and within seconds, according to how your DLP policy is configured. DLP for Microsoft Teams blocks sensitive content when shared with Microsoft Teams users who have: - guest access in teams and channels; or - external access in meetings and chat sessions.

DLP for external chat sessions will only work if both the sender and the receiver are in Teams Only mode and using Microsoft Teams native federation. DLP for Teams does not block messages in interop with Skype for Business or non-native federated chat sessions. Example 2: Protecting sensitive information in documents. Suppose that someone attempts to share a document with guests in a Microsoft Teams channel or chat, and the document contains sensitive information.

If you have a DLP policy defined to prevent this, the document won't open for those users. Here's an example of a policy tip:. In this case, the sender attempted to share a social security number in a Microsoft Teams channel. The What can I do? Notice that in this case, the sender can opt to override the policy, or notify an admin to review and resolve it.

In your organization, you can choose to allow users to override a DLP policy. And, when you configure your DLP policies, you can use the default policy tips, or customize policy tips for your organization.

Returning to our example, where a sender shared a social security number in a Teams channel, here's what the recipient saw:. The What's this? To perform this task, you must be assigned a role that has permissions to edit DLP policies. To learn more, see Permissions. Either create a new rule, or edit an existing rule for the policy. Allow approximately one hour for your changes to work their way through your data center and sync to user accounts.

Select a policy, and look at the values under Locations. If you see Teams chat and channel messagesyou're all set.

If you don't, click Edit. In the Status column, turn the policy on for Teams chat and channel messages. Choose a templateand then choose Next. In our example, we chose the U.August 18, PM edited August Your journey begins by learning the teams that are required for HSTR.


Check schedules and send text or email alerts to notify staff about the schedule or other important messages. When I'll finally manage to solo him, I'll post the run for sure! Learn how to solo Nihilus with a maxed NS team. Hope we can beat soon. A combo of RT and Rey should give the best possible damage, however adding in R2D2 over one of them will give way more consistency. Kylo Can Taste the Solo! For kicks and giggles, let's assume that your guild can already beat the Rancor raid on heroic.

I'm pretty sure back when hAAT was first cleared by a single player, it was called a solo, even if multiple teams were used! Schedule the Event. Sorry about the speed of Barris. Team members can swap, pick-up or release shifts with one click. Y: If one of them is dead either Sion or Nihilusor even both, that team will still prevail over other teams, although not to the same extent.

Roughnecks Alpha was the first guild of the Roughnecks cluster, and is currently Roughnecks' top guild, boasting some of the strongest rosters and the most dedicated and knowledgeable players in the cluster. Deathstorm is one of the teams used in phase 3 of the Heroic Sith Raid. It aims to make completion easier and more efficient than Ctrl-r.

Schedules and the roster automatically update with any manager-approved changes. Estimated for purposes of calculating the filing fee only. Resistance - Let's move on to the best teams to use in phase 1. Behold, the new best team for p3. View roster and history of 'valentinik' on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Read the mechanics in the "Details" tab of the raid in game, but essentially DN has a lot of protection that needs to be burnt away before you score damage. See Hardware decoder and encoder driver recommendations for a list of unsupported decoders and encoders.

Just keep trying. As you can see, I didn't have all G12 squad. Here you will find some info on how we can work towards tackling Heroic, and please do add your own tips in as you find out about them.Deathstorm is one of the teams used in phase 3 of the Heroic Sith Raid. It is most useful in guilds with a high number of Nightsister teams, as Nightsisters are the only effective team in phase 4 while Darth Nihilus is alive, at least for now. However, if your guild does have enough Nightsisters to clear phase 4, with some left over, Deathstorm becomes a very valuable team, as it has, with the current exception of Finn C-3PO teams in phase 3, which will probably not last, the highest damage ceiling of any team in any phase.

While the team becomes extremely rng heavy very quickly, it is a simple matter to dish out a few million damage with only mediocre mods, and does not take a particularly long time. If you're willing to put in the extra effort and have time for a couple of tries, this team is capable of well over 10 million damage consistently, and in my opinion, is well worth the time and resources needed for it.

Here is a detailed guide to running the team I wrote a while back, I hope you appreciate it. Deathstorm is a fairly new team to the scene of the sith raid I started working on this in September Originally taken from the HAAT Created there by Rise of the Bon3the team was used by me in phase 3 with Acolyte instead of Initiate since the launch of the sith raid.

Out of every usable team in the raid, this is the one I know best, so I will make this guide first both as a useful tool for a new idea, but also to get myself experience. The exploitation of both Bonds of Weakness and interacting mechanics within the sphere of a zetad Mother Talzin lead to create near invulnerable Old Daka and Asajj Ventress and to cause Asajj to hit for hundreds of thousands a hit, making both massive damage, building at an exponential rate, and a capability to survive farther past enrage than before, making it both possible to solo the phase and also to deal incredible damage without insane dependence on rng like Chex Mix requires.

Before enrage, this team is capable of dealing over 5 million damage, making it superior to any other team, and the fairly low rng required to survive at least 4 or 5 turns past enrage, with the rng only climbing to crazy odds between 10 and 15 turns after enrage making this team and strategy the most efficient and highest damage dealing in the raid at this time.

I will go into this in more detail later. She is your damage dealer, and will be what your entire run relies upon. She should have a Speed arrow, but then give her a Health triangle, circle, and cross. Nightsister Zombie should be a balance between health and speed. If you can get complete sets without sacrificing secondary speed and health, then a Speed set and a Health set are the recommended.

Mother Talzin and Nightsister Initiate should be modded both with an Offense set and a CC set, however Talzin should be prioritized, as long as she is g11 or g12, and Initiate is g9 or lower, which is recommended for ease of the run. Starting off the run, target Sabers with retribution, to get them to counter and deal damage to Nightsister Zombie.

If you can use Spirit Blade Assault first as well, that helps, and increases the run damage slightly, as Talzin will not be using it again before enrage almost certainly. This will both get a counter on her, helping to take her down faster, and also gives the entire team CC up, boosting their damage for a bit at the start.

hstr p1 teams

This will hopefully at least drain all of her protection, and in Heroic possibly kill her entirely, which is excellent. Because Stand Alone lasts for 3 turns and Isolate has a 4 turn cooldown, Talzin should not be at risk of being Isolated while this lasts, even if she is slower than Traya. Once Stand Alone has expired, or Talzin is dead, have both Initiate and Talzin attack sabers with Retribution to try to get them killed as fast as possible for this purpose it is recommended to have Undying Sacrifice at level 1.

Hopefully you can have both Talzin and Initiate dead by the time you hit 11 turns to enrage, at which point the strategy becomes much more simple until enrage. When you are about to hit enrage is when the run gets more complicated again.

Repeat this process before each Isolate during enrage, until at some point you will have lost Initiate, and since Talzin already used Stand Alone, she cannot use it. Once you are down to only Daka and Asajj with Stand Alone capability, then your main priority is to keep Isolate off of Asajj, even if it ends up on Daka. At some point, rng will catch up to you, having run out of tricks to fend it off, and you will go down.

Data loss prevention and Microsoft Teams

The question is how far you make it. This is an extremely rng dependent team, which brings along all the pain that comes along with it, first introduced with Chex Mix, although a bad run from this team is still much better than a great run with Chex Mix. Now why does this only work in phase 3. The answer is pretty simple. On top of this, Stand Alone only exists in phase 3, and Annihilate from Darth Nihilus is almost guaranteed to screw up your run, plus it is much harder to get Talzin and Initiate killed without doing too much damage to the others in p1.

In phase 3, Bonds of Weakness allows for the health on Daka and Asajj to ramp up, while keeping the incoming damage consistent, causing Initiate and Talzin to die first, setting up the Deathstorm.

On top of this, Stand Alone allows for more control of the run, reducing the rng element after enrage for at least some time. That is all.

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