Generator runs for a few minutes then stops

Check the fuel gauge for very low fuel levels in the tank. Look for fuel pipe restrictions, bends or damage that may be preventing sufficient fuel getting through to the engine. Check if the engine is too HOT. Can you see any damage to the radiator vanes? These can fail at any time. Check the appearance of the coolant pressure sensor and compare it with the photos below. Are the terminals bent or broken? Example of coolant sensor with bent terminal:.

Replace the failed sensor and all should be well again. Look at the oil pressure sensor appearance. Ensure that the terminal connections are tight. Is the thin cable still attached, undamaged, without any breaks in the cable installation? If these are all OK then the next step is to replace the oil pressure sender.

Following the above seven suggestions should get your generator started again, generally speaking. The generator control panel needs to be reprogrammed in order to accept the new parts that have been fitted. The control panel may need to acknowledge the coolant sensor and oil pressure switch. You can do this by integrating the control panel e. If you will struggle with this task then call your local Deep Sea or CoMap control panel expert, who can send out an engineer with a laptop.

He will be able to connect to the controller to reset the necessary parameters. Search — Knowledge Base.

generator runs for a few minutes then stops

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Read Cookie Disclosure Thats Fine! The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Generator starts then stops immediately? Reason 5 Check if the engine is too HOT. Example of coolant sensor: Example of coolant sensor with bent terminal: Replace the failed sensor and all should be well again.

Example of oil sender pressure switch: Replace the failed oil pressure switch as per the example above and all should be well again. Reason 8 The generator control panel needs to be reprogrammed in order to accept the new parts that have been fitted. Call Me. Learn More. Generator Smoking. Why keep Diesel fuel clean in generators?

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generator engine suddenly dies after running a few minutes

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My Onan Generator Starts But Won't Stay Running - FREE REPAIR AND TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDE

I have a Wen PowerPro genset approximately seven years old. Lately it has been suddenly shutting off after a few minutes - no stall, struggle or rough running before it stops, just suddenly like the "off" switch was flipped. It already had new spark plug, cleaned air filter and an oil refill. I was afraid the low oil level shutoff switch was malfunctioning so I temporarily disconnected it, but the problem still occurred with the engine suddenly stopping after a few minutes.

On a recent occasion of sudden engine death I used my spark tester - no spark and I could smell the gas like the carb was flooded. So I thought it must be an electrical problem.

I replaced the magneto and carb. I did not want to replace the carb, just the fuel solenoid switch, but the parts website did not seem to offer just a fuel solenoid switch, and I had to buy the whole carburetor.

So tonight after replacing those parts the unit started up a little quicker and sounded a little better running but much to my dismay it still stopped after running a few minutes.

I should have immediately checked for spark to again confirm electrical rather than fuel problem, but too tired and forgot. I'm still wondering if there is an electrical problem causing the fuel solenoid switch to close, but I do not have a wiring diagram, and to be honest, I am not quite sure what the fuel solenoid on the bottom of the carb bowl is for, what controls it or whether it is energized to close shut fuel or energized to open allow fuel.

There are two wires for the fuel solenoid switch. There is one wire to the oil low level shutoff sensor. There is one small wire from the magneto connecting to another wire not sure what. The fuel tank gravity feeds into the carb through about six inches of tube which I also replaced, so I am doubting vapor lock.

Perhaps something is sensitive to engine heat and is shutting it down. I guess I'm stumped now.

generator runs for a few minutes then stops

Any ideas? Thanks much for your help and even just reading my long rambling problem description. View Public Profile.Generators come in handy. That is when they work like they are supposed to. They provide the power you need to run your RV when camping. But once in a while, your generator may act up and send out a code message. Knowing what the code means and how to fix it is information you need to know. Code 36 may be a bit difficult to understand as it is used often by the control module.

But the handbook for Onan says that you need to check the fuel supply and fill the gas tank as needed. There is more to learn about code 36 and how to fix what ails your generator. To learn all about this issue just continue to read our article. It has the information t make your generator work better when the code 36 appears. It is possible for your Onan generator to start up fast and quit just as quickly.

That is because many generator models are designed to shut down if there is a quarter of a tank of fuel left in the tank. But gas issues may not be the only reason why your Onan generator shuts down soon after it starts. You could be having an electrical or carb issue. If it is the carb, then you should have some sputtering before it dies. If it is an electrical issue, then your generator just may die quickly without any warning sounds.

One source of the trouble, if electrical, may be the generator. To diagnosis this possible source, you need to start up your generator again and attach a meter to it. If you are not getting volts AC, then you have a generator issue to deal with.

Once you make that determination, you will still need to investigate which part of the generator is the actual source of the problem. You do not want to waste time chasing after the wrong part so be thorough and make sure you find the source before you go changing out parts. One of the main issues with a code 36 is that it is applied to more issues than just the fuel level.

It can be signaling a problem for the fuel pump, clogged filter, dirty carb and a lot more possibilities. Code 36 seems to be the catch-all error code and you cannot assume you have the right fix for every time the code flashes.One thing that comes from using a generator as your only source of electricity for many years is that you tend to learn a thing or two about fixing common generator problems.

Today, I thought I would share some of the things we have learned over the years with the hope that many of you can benefit from our experience. Read on and hopefully this article will be able to help you.

Most people only use their generator occasionally.

Generator Starts Then Stops Immediately – Why?

Unfortunately, when they put them into storage, they usually leave untreated gasoline in the tank. In just a matter of months, untreated gasoline can leave a thick gooey varnish-like residue in the fuel system. All generator engines need three things to run. These three things are listed below:. Then we put some fresh gas into the tank. The other thing we do is drain any old stale gasoline from the carburetor float bowl.

If the oil level in your generator is too low, you can cause permanent engine damage by running it without enough oil. This sensor is designed to prevent the engine from being damaged by automatically shutting the engine off if the sensor detects that the level of oil is too low.

People often remember that their fuel tank has a shutoff valve and they shut it off before they put it into storage but for some reason they forget all about this valve when they attempt to start it again. Not all generators will have a shutoff valve but many do so be sure to check to make sure that yours is open. If that valve is left in the off position, the generator will run for a few minutes and then it will suddenly stop running.

What this does is restrict the amount of oxygen that passes through the carburetor and increases the amount of gasoline. After a few seconds, it will stall if you leave it in the full choke position. Make Sure the Air Filter is Clean : The air filter is essential for preventing damaging dirt and debris from entering the combustion chamber of the engine.

This will cause the ratio of gas to air to be incorrect. Sometimes people try running their engine without an air filter because the filter is too dirty.

A fouled spark plug will have sludge or a lot of heavy dark carbon accumulations. While you have the spark plug out, this is a good time to check to make sure that your engine is actually sending electricity to the plug so that it will be able to deliver a spark. The best way to learn how to do that is to look for a YouTube video. Once we replaced the switch, we saw spark at the plug and the generator ran great. Unfortunately, this will usually mean that the carburetor needs to be disassembled and properly cleaned.

You may even find one that shows you how to clean the carb on the exact model of engine that your generator is equipped with.

If you decide to tackle this job, let me offer some friendly advice. It MUST be reassembled very precisely. If you suspect that your spark plug might be bad, replace it. You can pick up a simple tool that is designed to make it possible to set the correct spark plug gap for about a dollar at the same store you buy a replacement plug. For those of you who feel like you have the necessary mechanical skills to work on your generator, I wish you the best of luck.Very impressed with the arrangements made - easy to follow independently.

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generator runs for a few minutes then stops

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Honda EU2000i Generator Stalls

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Onan Generator Starts Then Shuts Down (Fixing Code 36)

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