Fpga miner profitability

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Bitcoin Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for Bitcoin crypto-currency enthusiasts. It only takes a minute to sign up. Are they still reasonable? The general rationale behind FPGAs is to try to get as close as possible to the performance of custom hardware while also allowing the owner of the card to customize it or reconfigure it " in the field ".

By contrast, custom hardware chips are designed in a factory and do the same thing forever. Overall, it was possible to build a big array of FPGAs more neatly and cleanly than you could with graphics cards. Despite the performance gain, the days of FPGA mining were quite limited.

Firstly, they were being driven harder for Bitcoin mining — by being on all the time and overclocked — than consumer grade FPGAs were really designed for. Because of this, many people saw errors and malfunctions in their FPGAs as they were mining. Personally I'm quite interested in Zcash. Much of the content for this answer was drawn from this excellent resource. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Asked 3 years, 11 months ago.

Active 2 years, 2 months ago. Viewed 51k times. John Stanford John Stanford 1 1 gold badge 2 2 silver badges 4 4 bronze badges. On en. They don't list power consumption though, which is a critical question. The other FPGA miners described there are orders of magnitude less efficient in power than current ASICs, and orders of magnitude more expensive per hashrate. Active Oldest Votes. First a bit of perspective on FPGA mining. However- the cycle repeats itself.An ASIC is a custom chip that cannot be reconfigured after it is manufactured.

Operating such as addition and multiplication are created by combining hundreds or thousands of basic logic gates together. A boolean function is a function that takes several binary inputs and produces a single binary output 1 or 0. Each FPGA also contains millions of registers, which are 1-bit memory elements each storing the value 0 or 1. Once properly configured, every processing element in the FPGA can work simultaneously and in parallel.

While Verilog and VHDL are structurally very similar essentially identicaltheir syntax varies dramatically. Verilog has the same syntax as the C programming language, and a Verilog program takes up less than half the text space that a similar program in VHDL would take.

Soon after, a competitor company called Altera appeared with similar products. The same is even true within the product offerings of each company. You must purchase the exact hardware that the software was designed for. In the Xilinx family, you have various FPGA families that are broken down by their silicon architecture:. The silicon technology 16nm, 20nm, 28nm affects the maximum clock speed of the FPGA and its power efficiency. Each FPGA has a certain amount of internal RAM memory available, and if a program needs more memory than that, it must access slower, external memory.

fpga miner profitability

In that sense, the amount of internal memory inside the FPGA is a very important metric. Be careful when reading FPGA datasheets, as they will almost always express memory in Mb Megabits rather than MB Megabytesand there is a factor of 8 difference between the two units.

While a card like the VCU can theoretically mine any algorithm, you will find that mining algorithms that require huge amounts of external memory will not bring in any better profits than mining the same coins with graphics cards.

In some cases, due to the high cost of the FPGA cards, the return-on-investment ROI might be worse than with a graphics cards on certain algorithms. Even if the FPGA is faster than the graphics card, the extra speed may not make up for the extra cost.

While bigger might seem better, there are many reasons why this is not the case. Price is also another factor. When mining cryptocurrency, it is the price-to-performance ROI that matters more than absolute speed. The hardware devices that Zetheron supports have been carefully selected as having among the best price-to-performance ratio, for maximum profit and fastest return on investment.

You can think of it like RAM; when you turn off the power, a computer loses the contents of its RAM, but the contents of the hard drive or flash disks still remain. This flash memory can hold the configuration bitstream file, and the card can be configured such that upon power-up, it automatically configures itself by loading the bitstream file from the neighboring flash memory immediately. So the non-volatile configuration is more robust against power outages.

With many gigabytes of external memory, hundreds of different bitstream configuration files can be stored. In this fashion, during real world cryptocurrency mining, an FPGA has the power to reconfigure itself in a fraction of a second based on circumstances that occur during the mining operations.

An FPGA can effectively mine those algorithms by using the rapid reconfiguration function. There are many different cryptocurrencies, and they are mined using different algorithms. An FPGA can be programmed to mine one algorithm effectively; that is to say, it can only mine one algorithm at a time there are some exceptions where dual-mining is possiblebut generally speaking, you load a configuration file into the FPGA that is specific to ONE algorithm that you want to mine. If you want to switch algorithms, you need to use a stand-alone utility to program a different bitstream into the FPGA.FPGA's are also multi-purpose, bringing in the possibility for users who have existing hardware to mine DigiByte, or to use that same hardware to also mine other non-Odocrypt algorithms.

Hardware Spotlight: Blackminer F1 by HashAltcoin

They are far more flexible than an ASIC in that respect. The up-front cost is also a significant factor, as FPGAs are an "off the shelf" piece of hardware compared to an ASIC, they're far less likely to have an extreme vendor-tax on them as we have seen throughout specifically with ASIC mining equipment. All of this combined makes a FPGA-based algorithm a strong arrow in the quiver of DigiByte, both as another non-ASIC hashing algorithm that will aid in the security of the network, but also in the decentralization of mining thanks to the borderline commodity nature of FPGAs.

In this guide, we will be using the DE Nano. Some of you may be wondering about the hash rate of a device that claims to use only 8 watts of power. These instructions presume you are running Linux natively, though you should also be able to run it through WSL on Windows Don't plug your FPGA in just yet, you'll be instructed to do-so later.

This guide presumes you will be solo-mining and is currently written with testnet in-mind so you can test your setup prior to the mainnet cutover to Odocrypt. Quartus Prime is required to both compile and run this miner. You'll want to do this part from a GUI due to the way the Intel website works.

Once you have Quartus Prime, you're going to want to clone the Odocrypt miner repository. Fire up a terminal and run the following to install git, python, and then clone the odo-miner source code:. Put it in there though to keep life simple. You can either log out of your X session, or you can run the following command in the terminal session:.

Normally only root can access the FPGA hardware, but running things as root is just bad practice, so we want to allow your user-account to access the hardware. This is going to edit the altera rules file with your username, to allow your user access Now we need to put it into the udev rules:.

You can run the following, to check and ensure the FPGA has been detected by your operating system:. You are now ready to begin mining. We're going to want several terminals open, and, DigiByte Core 7. It is up to you if you want to use digibyted or digibyte-qt, either will work fine.

You should not need to make any changes to digibyte. NOTE: You should not need to add any other RPC allow etc to your conf file, as the pool will find the local digibyte cookie and use that. If you only use one, you can safely drop the other. NOTE: If you are restarting this during the day epoch for any reason, this may show no additional output to begin with, as the Autocompiler doesn't need to adjust the files it has already created.

fpga miner profitability

NOTE: The auto compile takes approximately two hours to complete. When it's completed you'll see the words "Up to Date" at the bottom. This terminal needs to stay open during steps below. If you have multiple FPGAs attached, it will prompt you to specify which one.

You can do-so as follows:. You should see a confirmation alert "Programming successful", followed by "Mining fpga found". If you have, congratulations, you are now solo-mining.

Miners profitability

Note: If you encounter an error: "Inconsistency detected by ld. Depending on the number of FPGAs you have, vs the network hashrate etc, you will eventually find a block and be rewarded with DigiByte for doing-so The block reward is DigiByte on mainnet at the time of writing. There is an additional parameter odokey is required from a pool, which shows current epoch and required for a correct share calculation at miner side. To keep standard stratum implementation compatible with existent mining software, this is additional JSON key out of standard params list.

In case you are not able to to modify stratum message or you are not pool owner, you may callculate odokey at miner side from nTime.

In this case miner do not need to care about current Odo period length at a pool side and miner do not care what is testnet or mainnet.They source VCU 's from Xilinx, work with a manufacturer to make the heat management mods, and then do some post-processing and programming to make them mining ready.

One of the benefits of buying the BCU is that their devices have an encryption key burned into the device, which gives the owner the ability to use proprietary mining software offered by SQRL and mining software developers from Allmine.

Forest Kitten is using low power approx W and low heat signature. It is designed to operate like a GPU and target memory intensive algorithms. Efficiently mine core-intensive coins. Acorn CLE works with high-end GPUs to efficiently minimize bottlenecks, and it can dual mine coins to maximize your profitability.

They create bottlenecks in the hashing pipeline, and that means they mine at a much lower effective hash rate. Acorn Products hasn't delivered their function, which is as a GPU accelerator.

Currently, it's only able to do standalone mining. This significantly increases hash rates for algorithms like X16r and Lyra2REv2 and enables standalone mining. FPGA Guide. FK33 FK Telegram icon. YouTube icon. Medium icon. Twitter icon.

Crypto Mining Farm at Apartment - January 2020 Update

Sold Out. Contact SQRL. Shipping Immediately. Limited Stock. Shipping immediately. Coming soon. Acorn CLE Acorn Drivers Windows. Acorn Drivers Linux. Ships Immediately.FPGA mining in the cryptocurrency world is a new emerging trend set to change the way blockchain-based coins and tokens are mined due to being very efficient in comparison to GPU and CPU mining performances.

FPGA, or a Field Programmable Gate Array, is a unique integrated type of a blank digital circuit used in various types of technology and produces higher hash rate with lower amounts of power and electricity when comparing to graphic processing unit GPU hardware. You can find FPGAs in image and video processing systems, for example. As the name suggests, Field Programmable Gate Arrays are programmable in the field. After a customer purchases the FPGA, the customer can customize it to meet any computational need.

Stand-alone Legos allow you to build many different things using the same, reconfigurable pieces. One piece may be used to make the roof of a house, and the same piece can later be retrofitted to make the chassis of a car. Just like Lego blocks, FGPAs, which the chips were created incan be used to build virtually any digital circuit with high adaptability and versatility to change algorithms easily.

fpga miner profitability

Because FPGAs are customizable, cost effective reprogrammable devices, they can operate using different algorithms but do present tougher user experience and require both software and digital circuit design to be setup correctly. This function is important for cryptocurrency coin mining because different cryptoassets use different algorithms for mining. Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies are made up of blocks of data. These blocks are linked to one another — in a chain — by unique strings of numbers and letters known as hashes.

AtomMiner AM01 FPGA Crypto-Miner

Cryptography ensures that only one specific hash can be used to link the current block of data in the blockchain to the next. Eventually, the computer guesses the right hash, and the new block is added to the chain. You tell the 25 children in your class to guess a number between 1 and 1, You keep going around the room until finally, one child guesses the correct answer.

The speaker asks the stadium to guess a number between 1 and 1 trillion. Everyone shouts out random numbers until eventually, one person guesses the correct number.

With bitcoin mining, miners have to devote time, energy, and resources towards finding the right number. Any other miner can check that number against the correct number written down by the speaker to verify that the miner did the work. Arriving at this answer takes a lot of computing power. These computers are constantly guessing numbers that have 64 digits.

Eventually, one arrives at the correct answer. The block is added to the blockchain, the miner receives the block reward, and computations for the next block begin. But how do Field Programmable Gate Arrays enhance mining? How do they mine cryptocurrency more efficiently? Well, FPGAs are one of several options available to crypto miners.

In the early days of bitcoin, anyone with a high-end gaming GPU could mine bitcoin from an ordinary computer. Today, you need the latest ASICs to even think about turning a profit with bitcoin. FPGA mining provides users with a solution that is different from the alternatives above. When you buy an ASIC miner, that miner is really good at mining one specific cryptocurrency. That machine is built to devote every possible resource towards mining bitcoin.

FPGAs, however, are different. They consist of multiple building blocks that can be put together to mine various cryptocurrencies. For this analogy, think of an ASIC like a lawnmower.Wishlist 0 Compare 0. Add to cart. Quick View. EnglishFPGA. DeutschFPGA. Atomminer AM Green Miner. Go solar and build a green blockchain.

Due to its extra low energy consumption watt AM01 is highly sustainable and suitable to run on your renewable energy system. Automatic updates and auto-configuration along with its profit-switching algorithm allows for unattended mining. Enjoy stable FPGA mining.

Web Control Panel. Easy monitoring and controlling via web control panal. Configure your miners from distance using WCP. Growing Infrastructure. Profit long term by the ever growing infrastructure around the miner. More algos, online wallets, pool, web control panel and more is in developement.

Ultra Low Energy Consumption. With its ultra low energy consumption AM01 is one of most economical miner on the market. Depending on the algo it uses about watts. Minimal System Requirements. Detailed Mining Statistics. Get all the infos you need about your miners and coins. Access detailed statistics through the web control panel.

Atomminer are designed to last. We are convinced of our high quality products. Profit Switching Algorithm. Take advantage of build in profit-switching. Don't worry about which coin to mine. Let the miner switch between profitable algos in milliseconds.

Supported Algos. Easy Plug and Play setup for all miners. Add or remove units without stopping the system. Just let the miner do all the configurations. Solar Mining.Live income estimation of all known ASIC miners, updated every minute. All data provided on this website is for informational purposes only, based on profit calculations and analysis of community feedbacks. Any external link is out of our control. Cryptocurrency mining is a high risk investment, we are not responsible for any financial loss, invest at your own risk!

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